Grakkok "Trail Hawk"

Shoanti Ranger


Grakkok is the youngest son of Beast Speaker, brother to Lokad “Spirit Link”. Grakkok was raised to be a tracker and hunter for the tribe, and was sent at age 10 to the Sklar-Quah to gain combat experience. He returned to his tribe at age 13 to begin his rites of passage to adulthood. He proved his skill in tracking 3 aurochs, whom had a 2 day lead, across the Storval Plateu until the quarry was slain with his bow. At the feast celebrating his success, he was given the name “Trail Hawk” and received his first Shoanti tattoo: a hawk totem that the Shriikirri-Quah revere.

Grakkok is 6’4 with numerous scars on his face and arms. He wears a traditional Shoanti hide shirt and wields an intimidating Earthbreaker. His demeanor is stoic and is quiet for the most part.

Grakkok "Trail Hawk"

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