Lokad "Spirit Link"

Shoanti Shaman


Lokad is 6’2" with shaved head in keeping with Shoanti tradition. He wears leathers with feathered fringes. Almost as an afterthought, he keeps a morningstar on his belt. He appears quiet and aloof, and a tattoo of a fierce eye is blazoned across his heart.


Lokad is the oldest living son of Beast Speaker, older brother to Grakkok by 10 months. Unlike his brother, Lokad has spent his entire life with the Shriikirri-Quah, but as direct apprentice to his father in the capacity of tribal healer.

When Lokad turned 14, he could calm animals, prepare extraordinarily potent food and water, and keep death at abeyance for tribe members who had sustained serious wounds. Within a few years, his healing abilities advanced so he could travel to nearby Quahs to provide aid. On one trip to the Tamiir-Quah, a hunting party came back torn up by a pack of fire pelts. Faced with more wounded than he had ever tended before, Lokad prayed to the Spirits, and the Spirit of Life answered, allowing him to channel the Spirit directly and close the wounds of everyone nearby. On the return trip to his own Quah, he gained the companionship of a hawk, who revealed his name to Lokad as Far-Soarer (Far). His father, the spiritual leader of the Shriikirri-Quah, understood that Lokad had formed a link to the Spirit of Life and his empathic link to Far was an impressive omen for the tribe, which revered hawks. Lokad was given the name Spirit Link, and a tattoo of a hawk’s eye.

When Grakkok received his name, Beast Speaker was proud and pleased. But he was also concerned for the future of the tribe. He had watched for omens and spoken with the beasts who saw darkness in the reflections of ponds and the shadows of clouds. He told his sons to travel and search for a way to help the Quah weather the coming storm. Together, he told them, they could protect each other and the Quah.

Lokad "Spirit Link"

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