Spirit Link Journal

<u>Entry 1: The Spirit Journey Begins</u>

Today we leave our Quah and seek… I don't know what. Yet. Beast Speaker has warned Trail Hawk and me that change is coming, and danger for the Quah. He is more pensive this week, either because the danger we face is unknown or because he is sending his last living sons away. As we have worked to prepare our equipment and our skills in our last days here, I can't help but wonder if we will truly be prepared for what is to come.

Trail Hawk and I were inseparable when we were young, but have diverged in our paths to manhood. I trust him with my life, but I do not know what decisions we face down the road, or whether our differing perspectives will lead to disharmony. He is built to face the dangers of travel but will he recognize the path the Spirits wish us to take?


<u>Entry 2: Sandpoint</u>

Trail Hawk and I have arrived in a bay town preparing for a festival. It appears the townspeople previously worshipped their gods in the confinement of a building, which burned down. And their response was to erect another building. I do not know if the priests here commune with spirits and nature as we do, but they do not share Beast Speaker's concern of approaching peril.

Trail Hawk has secured work and boarding at a local brewery and we will stay for the festival. The proprietor has apparently suffered a recent tragedy, and the priest here, Father Zantas, speaks of a lingering shadow that the townsfolk are trying to forget. In the meantime, the brewery is manned by an energetic gnome who looks to be drinking as much brew as he is distributing. He bears the marks of some experience, but I do not know what yet.

<u>Entry 3: The Festival</u>

Goblins invaded Sandpoint during the festival tonight. They set fire in the fields and slaughtered the people's animals. While the bulk of the people here fled for safety, Trail Hawk and I fought the invaders, joined by the gnome, Alabaster, who has the ability to imbue powerful magic into thrown devices, and an elf, Ivy, who demonstrated prowess today at stalking and bow-hunting.

Although I did not prove myself to be a burden in combat, I very nearly fell. I must become more resilient if I am to live long enough to finish the journey.

After the attack we learned the goblins had not acted on their own, but according to the will of a man, who directed people to be dragged to the boneyard behind the cemetary….

Spirit Link Journal

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